love what you do…like it or not

Work is work. Some parts are good and some are not so much fun. Both parts are inherent in pretty much any pursuit. So what do you do about it when the not-so-fun parts slow you down to nearly a halt?

Why is the Job You Love Not So Fun?

You have this job to do, like it or not. It’s fun to write, but this topic bores you. You love this topic, but there’s better information that you need to find. You love this web design, but you need the layout changed, (something you can’t do easily).

Sometimes, as in the last example, it’s a matter of deciding if you need to learn or brush up on a new complimentary skill. If you find that you need the same skill repeatedly, training may be in your best business interest. And isn’t it fun to learn new things?

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big news: i was interviewed!

q&aShon Bacon interviewed me and posted it on her blog site, ChickLitGurrl™. I’m excited to be among the talented people she interviewed.

In my interview, I answered really good questions that made me think about where I am. It’s something I do periodically but I’ve not done in such detail for someone else. She got my scoop and can read it and find out what else I’m up to.
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4 traits success stories have in common


You ever notice how people and events, seem to have commonalities in their success stories? Certain characteristic traits are present in success stories I read and hear about, and they tend to jump out at me sometimes. This year, I went home to New Orleans, Louisiana over the Mardi Gras celebration. I witnessed these four common threads of successful behavior in action.

4 Traits of Success

  1. Do what you do to the best of your ability
  2. In order to satisfy your audience, review feedback
  3. Take from feedback only what is useful
  4. True success lies in being true to yourself

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bossing your freelance business


Freelance is the life! I work when I want, doing the jobs I want to do. I’m going to be so successful! Isn’t it grand! Well, yes and no.

Like most things in life, freelance is what you bring to it. To get the best results, you should be bringing your A game to whatever work you do. That means doing the administrative stuff behind the glamor of say freelance writing. Yes, I’m smiling.

One of the things I really like about freelancing is that it challenges me to be creative about how I get the attention of folks who may be in need of my services. Consider the following.

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6 skills to increase your marketability


I know, you say you’re  a writer and that’s all you need. But let’s face it, that’s not all you need. The more you know, the more diverse your background, then the more marketable you are. You don’t have to  be great at everything. It helps to understand something about the larger picture of your company or at least of your department. And no, it’s not so that employers can better exploit you.
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