big news: i was interviewed!

q&aShon Bacon interviewed me and posted it on her blog site, ChickLitGurrl™. I’m excited to be among the talented people she interviewed.

In my interview, I answered really good questions that made me think about where I am. It’s something I do periodically but I’ve not done in such detail for someone else. She got my scoop and can read it and find out what else I’m up to.

Visit ChickLitGurrl™. You need to read through this great hub put together by Shon for her readers. It offers excellent insights into authors and their books, and writers making a difference. Her book reviews present the information I look for in reviews. I’ve added titles to my book list based on her site. Don’t overlook her sidebar. Shon makes great use of that realestate to provide us with even more information.

In addition:

Connecting through Social Media: I should mention ChickLitGurrl™ is one of the great connections I’ve made on Twitter. You can visit her Twitter page and learn more about Shon Bacon.

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