online journaling

Last month, I got a comment from Ruth Folit. On my post 5 benefits of keeping a personal journal, she told me about her journal software. I mentioned that I was skeptical of online journals, and her solution was the best thing I’ve tried in a while.

I had a bit of trouble downloading Life Journal 2.0 and Ruth Folit emailed me the solution post-haste, (can you still say that?). Anyway, I downloaded and started using it easily. And I have to say it’s really great.

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big news: i was interviewed!

q&aShon Bacon interviewed me and posted it on her blog site, ChickLitGurrl™. I’m excited to be among the talented people she interviewed.

In my interview, I answered really good questions that made me think about where I am. It’s something I do periodically but I’ve not done in such detail for someone else. She got my scoop and can read it and find out what else I’m up to.
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orgnaizing to get writing: categories, subcategories and tags


Not long ago, I was trying to determine what to do next with my blog. I wanted to improve it. I decided to start with my categories, subcategories and tags lists since they were all over the place. The critical one was the categories list. It grew so fast to say that my blog was growing slowly.  And, while I was having fun, my blog was supposed to serve a purpose. It needed some direction, focus, and I thought a makeover of my lists might add the structure I sought.

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reading to get writing

Poetry CollectionsThere’s so much to write about! How to choose? Where to begin? Where to continue?

These are questions that I have every now and again, especially after being away from my own writing for a while. Sometimes, even before the research for a topic, you need to read to discover what you want to write about.

When I write posts, my goal is to deliver a relaxed and informative post. So, I write about what is interesting and important to me. When nothing’s popping into my head, I search out my inspiration. To plot my course, I read with writing in mind. Following are some of the things I read to decide my topic.

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just breathe

When was the last time you went to bed on time? When was the last time you just rested? Not slept but relaxed and breathed and spent time just being content. When you think about it, it’s not as often as you might like, right? This post is for those of us who have trouble remembering to just breathe.

It’s especially difficult to turn things off when you like your work.

Just because you’re not working doesn’t mean you’re resting. There are thoughts that eat up your play time. What keeps me from relaxing are two very closely related things:  a healthy work ethic and respect for competition.

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